Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Congrats NACHJC!

Congratulations to the National Association of Christian Homeschool Journalism Clubs for its first newspaper publication of The Messenger!

The club began two months ago, where just seven students met with a passion to write and the desire to inform the public of the three different types of news: things people need to know, what they have a right to know, and what they want to know. Our first paper covered all three!

The students - including me - had to do a lot of preparation before we could publish a newspaper. We had many writing projects and assignments, where we learned about how to write quickly, precisely, and most importantly, how to write well.

Then we had to decide on a name for the newspaper. After the students submitted dozens of names, we voted on the top four and the result was The Messenger. Following more writing exercises, each student picked a topic of his/her choice to submit into the newspaper. We had two weeks to gather information on the subject, write it and send it to our publisher.

I know for myself that I benefited from these past two months of reading, writing, and researching. Furthermore, it was very exciting to see the results of everyone’s hard work in our own newspaper.

I am very much looking forward to our next publication.