Friday, February 04, 2011

The Warmth of the Sunlight

To run in the sunlight,
To feel the warmth
(The joy of what has been and always will be),
Of that,
He is my God.
The closeness in which I long for,
Feels far away.

But I know,
Like the sun's rays,
Always He is there
(as when the world hides the sun and her warmth,
and comes the cold of night,
even the moon reflects her glory.
Her radiance cannot be hidden,
even in the cold of the dead of night).
Such is the glory of my God.

When my world turns dark,
and I have nowhere to turn.
Hopelessness surrounds my thoughts,
and I feel I am alone.
I only need
to open my eyes.
To look up at the moon.
and see the light shining in the darkness.
The reminding hope that my God is always there.

He holds out His hand to me, saying,
"Take my hand,
you need only take my hand".
And when I look at His hand
(His scarred hand,
scarred to save me.
Killed to save me...
He died so I might live),
I reach, but still,
He seems so far away.

"How can I reach You,"
I cry,
"When You are so far away?"

My instinct tells me -
it is the lies in the darkness -
telling me to give up.
That I have no strength.
The darkness weighs me down.
I feel alone.

My Lord continually holds out His hand,
"My Child...
I love you.
Take my hand. I will never let you go."

"Help me, Lord!"
I cry again.
"I have no strength,"
I re-utter the lies of the darkness.
"Give me strength, God,"
I plea.
"Give me strength to take Your hand"

I long once again to dance in the sunlight,
To soak in the sun's rays.
To feel the warmth,
the joy,
the security.

I feel again a thirst.
A thirst I have felt so long.
a thirst that cannot be quenched.
Even if I looked a thousand years in this dark valley,
I would never find anything
to quench this aching thirst.
And I am dismayed.
The darkness calls out to me,
telling me of wonderful things,
things that will quench my thirst.
But they leave me ever thirstier.
And I am broken.

As I sit crumpled in the darkness,
I pray for my God to give me strength,
to battle the lies that fill the void of the dark.

He looks at me with eyes of compassion,
eyes that know my pain.

"My Child,
I know.
I know your pain.
I will give you the strength you need.
The strength you need to take My hand,
to trust Me.
I will lead you through this world of darkness.
I will help you defeat the onslaught of lies.
You will not be alone.
I am always here."

Here is my strength.
I give it to you.
Because I love you,
my child.
I loved you so much I died for you."

take my hand,
and you will never be alone."