Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Japanese equivalent for Here, Here, Here!

I have always had a fascination for Japanese art and its culture – excluding the religion. I do not know how or when this adoration came about, but I just go crazy – in a good way : ) – whenever I see anything that is Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, and more currently, Korean. I have no idea how I got so interested in Asian things; I know it did not come from my parents and I do not have Asian relatives much to my disappointment.

A couple years of ago, much to my amazement, awe, and sheer ecstatic-ness, my mom got me a Japanese kimono. Unfortunately, it is either incomplete, or it is not an actual kimono, because all it has is a sash to tie the kimono together. Anyway, I had never been quite sure for what exact purpose to use it - I could use for a production of the Mikado and be Yum-Yum, but I totally do not have a soprano type voice.

Later, I acquired a black wig. It is not very attractive. The style is cropped short, layered, and has huge ghastly bangs. I was definitely not sure what to use that for, either.

Therefore, they both just sat in my room for a couple years.

I then got a 007 game for my 15th birthday, in which the game was set in Japan, and obviously, I got tons of screenshots. I pondered and pondered of what purpose to use them, until a couple of weeks ago, I had a bright idea. I took the wig, pinned the hair back, put a flower in it, put on socks, flip-flops, and my kimono, borrowed my mom’s digital camera, and took many pictures.

Editing my face on my computer by putting makeup on my face, I then added myself into different screenshots I took of the 007 game.

After years of wanting to be Japanese, I finally got my wish. : )