Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Japanese equivalent for Here, Here, Here!

I have always had a fascination for Japanese art and its culture – excluding the religion. I do not know how or when this adoration came about, but I just go crazy – in a good way : ) – whenever I see anything that is Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, and more currently, Korean. I have no idea how I got so interested in Asian things; I know it did not come from my parents and I do not have Asian relatives much to my disappointment.

A couple years of ago, much to my amazement, awe, and sheer ecstatic-ness, my mom got me a Japanese kimono. Unfortunately, it is either incomplete, or it is not an actual kimono, because all it has is a sash to tie the kimono together. Anyway, I had never been quite sure for what exact purpose to use it - I could use for a production of the Mikado and be Yum-Yum, but I totally do not have a soprano type voice.

Later, I acquired a black wig. It is not very attractive. The style is cropped short, layered, and has huge ghastly bangs. I was definitely not sure what to use that for, either.

Therefore, they both just sat in my room for a couple years.

I then got a 007 game for my 15th birthday, in which the game was set in Japan, and obviously, I got tons of screenshots. I pondered and pondered of what purpose to use them, until a couple of weeks ago, I had a bright idea. I took the wig, pinned the hair back, put a flower in it, put on socks, flip-flops, and my kimono, borrowed my mom’s digital camera, and took many pictures.

Editing my face on my computer by putting makeup on my face, I then added myself into different screenshots I took of the 007 game.

After years of wanting to be Japanese, I finally got my wish. : )


MountainSoul said...


I stumbled upon your site while searching for the complete quotation of George Bailey's "Lasso the Moon" exchange with Mary.

If my precious little soon to be five-year-old daughter exhibits half of the character I witnessed on your site then I'll consider my work as her father to be a success.

Just wanted to let you know. BTW, you did a great job going Asian. Keep up the good work.

Michael said...

Yeah, the same happened to me...

Gặp lại sau nhé! (see you later)

Dawn said...

You and Christopher have great sites. I found your Pirates of the Carribean re-creation and bloopers very amusing. You are both so very creative. Your grandma Carol is here as well and we both enjoyed your site. You have all changed so much I barely recognized you. Tell you mom and dad I said "Hey"

Love Aunt Dawn

Elizabeth F. said...

Hey, Aunt Dawn! Thanks! It's great to hear from you! :D

I'm glad you liked the Pirates reenactment - Christopher and I had a blast making it (as you can tell from the bloopers ;) )!

I hope you've been doing well! Tell everyone hi for me! Love you! :)