Thursday, June 26, 2008

요한복음 3장 16절 (Hangeul - John 3:16)

Hey, check out this old post that I got a comment on! I'm so excited I got critiqued! :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What’s the Purpose of Teen Romance?

Here, I’ll get straight to my point. I don’t understand why teens get involved with each other romantically. There is no point whatsoever. I mean, you’re “on” hormones (they are almost like a drug!), you’re inexperienced in everything, and you’re transitioning from childhood to adulthood. Why add the complications of love?

You both are young. You both might have career plans that neither of you know about. Both of your views on life are changing every day because you both are constantly growing in body and mind. When you both finally mature and are fully grown (the average person doesn’t stop growing their brain until around their early twenties!), you both will be completely different people then when you were teens.

I hear rumors and gossip about boys kissing girls and major flirting (in the church congregations I’ve gone to, even!), and I don’t understand why it goes on (behind the parents’ backs, I might add!). Yes, I know, it’s hormones, but that’s no excuse. I personally think people (especially guys) flirt, kiss, etc. just for the buzz and excitement of it. If you really like someone, and care about them, don’t get them confused or befuddled with their emotions by dragging them in emotionally (and also physically, even if it’s just a kiss!). This applies for just one person initiating, or both of them doing it!

I guess I’m lucky. I’ve never had to deal with a romantic relationship. I’ve always dealt with faraway, one-way crushes. I’ve never had a guy like me back (or as far as I know). It’s always just been me admiring a boy from afar, longing for a relationship, and becoming jealous when I would see the guy interacting with girls, while I would be a wall-flower, too scared and infatuated even to stand next to him. Boy, do I sound pathetic…

I guess it’s easy for me to think rationally about this subject because I’ve never been involved in relationships (as much as I often longed for it), and also because I’m getting older, I can look at some things differently then I ever could have when I was younger.

I am glad I never had the opportunity to get emotionally (and, God-forbid, physically) involved with someone. It was bad enough for me to have faraway, one-way crushes, and to have my heart broken in those ways than to be entangled emotionally with a “boyfriend”.

To not have that distraction in my life was a blessing from God. I was able to grow in Christ, and grow mentally and spiritually, especially in this past year, and I attribute it only to God. I did nothing whatsoever, and I thank Him that I was not (and am not) dragged down by my emotions of just another sinful human being (because it’s bad enough having to worry about myself!).

There. My rant is over.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Summer of 2008

Here is another paper where I would like to share with you my aspirations I would like to accomplish over a period of time that has not happened yet. In this paper, the time period is the summer of 2008. I do not know if any of these events I write about will actually happen, but I will write and dream nonetheless, and pray that God will show me the path He has already prepared for me.


The first month of summer: June.

June was wonderful. It felt so good not to have to worry about deadlines for papers, getting to classes on time, etc. I was so happy to be done with the school year!

I had so much fun getting together with friends that month. We would get together and do crafts, watch movies, and talk, and it was so fun! I invited my friends Hannah and Krista over to draw Manga (Japanese comic drawings) during that month, and we had a lot of fun! I never thought I would like Japanese Animé (animation) or Manga, but it is so fun to draw and color (oh, and I had gotten Manga paper and nine Copic markers, and had already drawn lots of pictures!).

During the middle of June, I got my permit. I couple of days after I got it, my Dad gave me my first driving lesson. It was very weird to be behind the wheel after 18 years of always being a passenger (and it was scary!), but I managed . . . with Dad’s help and patience of course.

On June 22nd, my family and I attended the L.’s 25th Wedding Anniversary party. I had so much fun! The socializing was very neat, and the music and dancing were awesomely spectacular! It was so much fun, and I was very excited because it was the first huge social outing that I could really show everyone my new hairdo (I had gotten it cut a couple weeks prior)! That may sound silly to the reader, but believe it or not, getting my hair cut was a huge milestone in my life.


The second month of summer: July.

July was quite eventful. I attended On Your Toes Studiosintermediate intensive summer camp. The classes were over three hours (combined) every weekday for two weeks. But I had so much fun and I learned so much! It felt so good to exercise and dance Ballet again after six months of not doing so! I learned (and remembered) lots of technique and moves from the Ballet classes, but Hip Hop and Modern were so foreign to me! I have only danced Ballet, and so a change of pace and mind was quite a change (though I can say it was refreshing and extremely fun!).

I was also still learning how to drive that month (and I hadn’t crashed, yet!), and I was also trying to figure out what I was going to do with my last year of school ahead of me.


The third month of summer: August.

Then August came. The last month of summer. The month of getting ready for the next school year.

I talked to my parents about taking college classes like prerequisites such as math, English, grammar and writing, etc. I knew I would have no problem with any reading or writing assignments, but I knew I needed to get math (and other prerequisites) out of the way before I decided to actually go to college.

I was still trying to decide whether I actually wanted to get a degree of something when I attended college after I graduated. Would I study the Korean language and become a translator? Would I get a degree in Graphic Design and have a professional career? Or would I write books and make a living off of that? These were all really hard questions that were very hard to try to figure out…

But I did know that I wanted to go to college, get my driver’s license, and get a job. I knew I wanted to spread my wings, have more responsibility and independence, become much more confident in myself (for who I am in Christ), and be able to do things I hadn’t been able to do before.


Present (June 10, ’08)

A part of me wishes that everything I have written could go exactly as I have planned. That it would all be perfect and how I wanted it to be. But I know that totally will not be the case. And frankly, I’m glad. For example, the last three or four months (March, April, May, and June, ‘08) did not go anything how I had expected or planned, and I’m glad! God worked tremendously in my life, I got closer to friends and got to know other people, and I could not have done or accomplished any of it! It was all God’s divine plan, and I know He has a plan for my life, even though it may seem that I can’t see it right now.

“A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the Lord directeth his steps” (Proverbs 16:9).