Sunday, July 06, 2008

I Don't Believe What I'm Hearing from My Own Mouth...

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but… I am getting a “Facebook”. At first, I was completely against the idea. I thought,

“Wow… it’s just another fad going through my church congregation (surprise!), so whatever.”

But then all my friends starting getting them and telling me how cool and fun they were, and so I felt kind of out of the loop.

But I stood steadfast. I would not get a Facebook. (See "On the Outside and Barely Able to Look In"). But I would still hear of all my friends interacting with each other, and chatting, sharing pictures and videos, and having tons of fun and getting to know each other.

A specific part of my reasons of not wanting a Facebook was that I have a habit of wanting to be noticed by people, and seeking their approval of me. And some specific people that I knew had Facebooks were exactly who I was struggling with wanting to impress. So, I didn’t want that to be a struggle or stumbling block for me, and that was a main reason why I did not want a Facebook. (Of course, know I realize that I don’t have to interact with certain people, so I don’t have to have that stumbling block!)

So, just yesterday, my friend Joelle came over to my house and showed me what exactly a Facebook was like. You can share pictures and videos and have a huge profile, (etc, etc, etc, etc), and I got hooked. If there’s one thing I love about an internet interaction website, it’s the ability to have a huge profile and interact with friends in such a fun way!

So now, I am officially setting up a Facebook account. I am breaking my “vow” of not falling to fads and I am going to have fun and get to know people!

Hope to see you there!