Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Wednesday, January 17, 2007
(Jennifer and me - her second birthday, 1997)

Today is my little sister's birthday. She would be twelve years old. She passed away in 1997 at two years of age due to heart falure. I've always remembered the day she passed away and her funeral. They have always been clear images in my mind. But I remember very little else about her. I remember her first Christmas, her second birthday, the day she almost walked on her own, but nothing else. And the fact that I forget her birthday makes me feel even more terrible.

Two nights ago, I was getting ready for bed and I stopped and looked at her "Tickle Me Elmo" doll. The day she died, her nurse, Tom, was going to give her that Elmo. His two children had saved up their money by saving bottles and cans to buy Elmo for her. She never got to see it. So, Tom gave Elmo to me and told me to take good care of him. As I looked at Elmo, I realized how I never really think of Jennifer. I sometimes forget that I had a sister and that she is my sister. I don't understand how we can just forget our family and friends who have passed on. But we can't dwell on them our whole lives. I don't know...

I really wanted to find a verse to end this post on a good tone, but I couldn't find one.

(Jennifer - 13 months old)


I have really been encouraged by my mom's post. God is so great and merciful, but most of all sovereign.