Saturday, March 10, 2007

Japanese Barbie

In some of our "junk" mail that my family receives almost every day, we got a Barbie catalogue a few days ago. In it were collector edition Barbie dolls whose cost ranged from twenty dollars to two hundred dollars. As I was skimming through the pages of exquisite dolls, I came across this one.

"A picture means a thousand words" (in other words: I have such a love for Japan and its culture).

I even did some editing work on the picture: in the bottom left area of the page, there was text describing the doll and its cost. Also, the black border around the edges were torn (becuase I cut the page out of the catalogue), so I cropped it and added my own black border. In addition, the whole picture was lop-sided, but that was easily fixable. :)

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