Saturday, October 27, 2007

Your Music Tastes Shows Your Character

If you're hearing music and you don't know where it's coming from, have no fear! I have recently added a music player called Project Playlist, where it harmlessly plays music that I know and love, and wish to share with all of you! The Player is located at the bottom of my blog, where you can browse the several songs I have added. Enjoy!

I have always thought that the music someone listens to shows a little bit about that person, and I thought what better way to express myself a little more to you all with my choice and style of music that I listen to!


Anonymous said...

Very nice choices. Have you heard the 1812 Overature? Nice cannon shots when done correctly. That would wake people up.

Uncle S

Elizabeth F. said...

Hey Uncle S!

Yes, I have heard that song. I really like it. ;)

Love Ya! Say hi to Aunt S for me! :)