Thursday, March 06, 2008

Elizabeth F.'s Graphic Design


I wish to share with you all my NEW and much improved WebBlog! There I display all of my graphic designed artwork that I so greatly love to make.

I have had a love of graphic design for over the past two or three years, and the main category I delight in is making miscellaneous media posters. I hope to be able to take college classes soon, and learn more about layout and design so that maybe I can take my love for graphic design and artwork to the professional level as a career someday!

On my new WebBlog, "Elizabeth F.'s Graphic Design", there are several pages that you can explore: On the Main Page you can browse the newest updated photos and artwork, or go to the WebLog and read my thoughts and musings (you can also send me a public message in the Chatroom!). You can also look through all of my Albums of pictures and media. If you like any of the pictures, voice your opinion! Click on a picture and you can tell me what you think of it!

You can also read my Profile if you want to learn a bit about me!
I know it's a bit silly that almost all of my posters are Star Wars (and other such media) related, but I have the most fun making them, because there are endless creative opportunities that can be utilized and thought of in such far-fetched and creative contexts! Well, I hope you all take a little peak into what I love to do and I certainly hope you enjoy what you see and explore! Give me feedback, too!! That's what every aspiring artist needs!
It is so fun to have such wonderful and fun opportunities to share such things with you all!

Elizabeth F.'s Graphic Design

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