Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Shirley Temple Portrait series (Part IV "Dimples")

Here is the last portrait in this series. So far, this is the best picture I have ever drawn in my life, and that is very encouraging because I had not drawn anything for months when I drew it.

Since there were so many choices, I asked my mom to help pick which doll that I should draw and she suggested the “Dimples” Shirley doll because of the shading techniques and the 3D look. It turned out great – thanks mom! :)

This drawing has rekindled the love I have for drawing, and I am looking forward to drawing many more pictures of the adorable Shirley Temple and others!

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Anonymous said...

Bravo!!!!!!! *claps hands furiously*

Yes, I think it is your best one yet too! You did an excellent job on the shading of the dress.

That's great you love drawing so much; I came very close to hating my drawing class at college last semester.


Elizabeth F. said...

Thank you, Melea! :D

aaw... why did you dislike drawing? :(

~ ELizabeth

Anonymous said...


I didn't like having to slow down and really LOOK at whatever it was I was trying to draw. It was hard to train my hand to draw what my eyes saw. By the end of the class I was pleasantly surprised that I actually could draw something that sort of looked like the real piece :), but it definately wasn't a "fun" class :). Ha, I didn't even have to take the class... I thought "it would be a great experience to learn how to draw" um, yeah, I learned my lesson.


Big Dog said...

Shirley Temple...

*Rubs away migraine on temple

Just kidding. Good Work sis!

Elizabeth F. said...

ummm... thanks! :)

(thanks for commenting, too! ;) )